Rock Your Socks Off

Kenelis are no strangers to us here at R13, we have loved previous releases and especially their live shows. Now we see most recent release Move EP not just continue where they left off but take their music to a completely greater level. This has not gone unnoticed, having picked up the Viewers Choice Award at the recent Brighton Music Awards.

Move EP may only have four tracks but they are all pure kick ass tracks in the traditional sense. The killer guitar riffs are there, the furious drumming is there and the powerful vocals from front woman, Mel Sanson, pack a punch that would floor both of the Klitschko brothers. Mel's vocals are perfectly suited to the hard rock style of music, not only do they have the power required but they have that edge to them that says 'Don't mess with me', which is perfectly demonstrated on Open Your Eyes with the repeated building aggression lyrics "it's been taken too far, fucking open your eyes".

There is basically nothing to fault on this EP except for the obvious, four tracks of this magnificence is just not enough. Kenelis - please give us more!