Saint[the]Sinner - The Curious Tale Of Mistress Murder Review

The Curious Tale Of Mistress Murder is the second EP / Album from UK post-hardcore band Saint[the]Sinner.

In recent times, the UK's hardcore and metalcore scene has become increasingly popular, making it a challenging task for bands within these subgenres to really grab your attention. From first impressions, The Curious Tale Of Mistress Murder, however, definitely made me think differently.

From early on in listening, it's apparent that there are certainly parallels between Saint[The]Sinner and other bands. The recently released single The Lament is definitely reminiscent of early Panic at the Disco material, whereas hints of Emarosa and Dance Gavin Dance can be heard in Greyfields which appears as track 3 on the album. From a personal perspective, there is also somewhat of a similar feel to Bring Me The Horizon material in track 5, Atlas & Compass... Direction Pending, although, despite these similarities, the band as a whole offers a different sound to the somewhat 'samey' offerings of other bands categorised in the post-hardcore genre.

As well as the aforementioned, there are also some electronica influences, especially apparent in track 8 Dead Man's poem, an interlude which upon first listen has a kind of recent Enter Shikari vibe to it which nicely compliments the more up tempo heavier tracks such as [X]Roads and The Comedown. The album as a whole strikes the right balance between the slower material by offering heavier tracks in between.

Overall, Saint[The]Sinner have delivered a really on-point album, giving the more established hardcore bands a run for their money. Being a relatively new band, I certainly wasn't expecting to be listening to something so cohesive sounding and well written. Although not my usual taste, it has to be said that this is a good listen, especially for those more in favour of the post-hardcore and metalcore genres. I'm certainly looking forward to hearing any material they bring out at a later date.