Motorhead - Aftershock

Motorhead are fast approaching their ruby anniversary as a band, and the release of their 21st studio album; Aftershock proves that they show no signs of slowing down.

38 years into their incredibly successful career, Motorhead sound as hard hitting as ever and continue to produce music that sounds best when played at full volume, so loud that year eardrums rattle and bleed.

Lemmy Kilmister's gravely voice has not changed and sounds as good today as it did back in 1977, his bass is still rumbling out of the speakers; full of distortion. The drum work of Mickey Dee is organic sounding, showing off his natural talent.

The opening of Going To Mexico is reminiscent of 'classic' Motorhead sounding much like Ace Of Spades; the track is unrelenting with a killer chorus. Songs such as Queen Of The Dammed and Paralyzed continue to raise the energy on this 14-track release.

Like any Motorhead album, there are a couple of songs that have a slower pace, allowing you to catch your breath. On Aftershock those tracks come in the form of Dust And Glass and Lost Woman Blues.

Motorhead have created the same sound, the same album for over thirty years and it still sounds as sweet as ever. Like a fine oak-aged whiskey, Aftershock is smooth, well created but hard enough to put hairs on your chest.

Aftershock is a smashing album, a credit to Motorhead and to Lemmy who has been battling some health issues. It is a shame that the band's autumn tour has been postponed as I cannot wait to hear this played in a live setting and deafening volume. Once again, Motorhead have proved themselves to be an ode to the music industry.