O Father, O Satan, O Sun! O BEHEMOTH

As if snarling, growling and storming out of the deepest recesses of hell and humanity, Behemoth are back and have unleashed The Satanist on the world; and it is an absolute beast. This is the Behemoth album which feels like a bit of a game-changer. They haven't lost any of their menace, still mercilessly crashing riff after riff into your eardrums, maybe even more so now, as this tenth release feels like their biggest yet. Right from the off as Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel thunders out of the speakers the precedent is set and there is no looking back.

Nergal is clearly still the absolute driving force with the band's song-writing and overall power, and after his very recent serious health scare, it just feels so great to hear this band back and sounding as good as they are right now. Second track Furor Divinus twists and turns between the savage death metal shredding, to heavier chugging moments, the last minute or so being absolutely sensational. Another key standout track on the album is Ora Pro Nobis Lucifer which promises to open huge pits on the upcoming tour. Title track The Satanist again takes the action towards some of the slower more doom fuelled riffs, but it all just adds to this extra sinister edge contained throughout the record, with a blinding shrieking solo added as well.

After listening to The Satanist it is clear that this will be a must buy for not only Death Metal fans, but fans of Metal in general. It's heavy, dark, complex and brutal and just grows with every listen. They've got the image, they've got the talent, and The Satanist just proves yet again that above all, they're one of the masters within their field. Already an album of the year contender from the Nuclear Blast camp.