Melvins through and through

Melvins are quite frankly a machine. Since their inception they've churned out album after album of such high quality that by this point you pretty much know what to expect with a new release. Hold It In then doesn't disappoint as the band deliver their signature crunchy riffs, all whilst twisting it with the dreary psychedelic edge which has made them so good for so long. And they've still got some of the best track titles you'll ever see.

As soon as the opening track Bride Of Crankenstein explodes out of your speakers you'll be sucked in with heaviness to rival some of their earlier classics. This is the first album Melvins have released as a four-piece since 2010, with guitarist Paul Leary and bassist JD Pinkus from Butthole Surfers joining Buzzo and Dale Crover this time round. The decision to bring another guitarist into the fold makes for positive results, as the band deliver an even more sinister edge in the heavier tracks. Second track You Can Make Me Wait sees a good change of pace before Brass Cupcake pummels you back into shape. And this onslaught continues later on in the album with some of the stand out tracks being Onions Make The Milk Taste Bad and Sesame Street Meat. As ever King Buzzo's vocal delivery is phenomenal. His powerful style paved the way for so many bands and on Hold It In he has showed no signs of losing that.

The band have not really changed much up with their sound since they first started, and they've been able to really capture the essence of previous releases on this record. For many they'll find this idea hard to get on with. The lack of change can be an issue for so many bands, but Melvins do feel somewhat exempt from this. Much in the same way Slayer have been able to do for so long, if you're able to create excellent, albeit similar, music with each album why move away from that formula? It is an interesting aspect to consider, but it might be where this album falls down slightly. There is nothing on the album which you wouldn't already expect when picking it up, so unless you sit in their hardcore fan base this album probably won't do all that much for you in the long term.