Glamour of the Kill - After Hours

It has been quite a road for the quartet, but Glamour of the Kill is releasing another EP that fans will explode with excitement over. To raise the funds for this material to be put into production, the band took to creating a Kickstarter campaign and in no time at all, raised enough money to put their ideas and experiences into action; After Hours is the result.

There is certainly something a grittier to these songs than previous material, which works well with the rebellious '80s metal vibe. Opening with some heavy guitar work, Lights Down is the perfect introductory tune to the music that runs throughout the EP. This heaviness continues throughout the tracks and is built upon with urgency, pulse racing riffs (We Are all Cursed) and explosive choruses (Earthquake). There is a non-stop flow of energy and aggression playing a large part in the ambiance of the tracks with Out Of Control being the perfect example.

Throughout this five track EP, lead vocalist Davey has fairly smooth yet demanding vocal capabilities. At times they take a turn for the gruff and become deeper and darker. There are some vocal chants that untie the band at several points, for example Blood Drunk where things really blend together and give them a spark. The addition of two guest vocalists, Escape the Fate's Craig Mabbitt (Earthquake) and Jacoby Shaddix of Papa Roach (Out Of Control), adds to the overall momentum of the EP.

Glamour of the Kill have developed as a band so much over the last few years that their track Raise From Your Grave seems like nothing more than a distant memory from a band in years gone by. They have fine-tuned their sound to such a degree that you can't help but get enthralled by it. The lads recently came off tour with Escape the Fate and if the fan reactions were anything to go by, there is more Glamour of the Kill admirers now than there were at the start of the tour and after this EP is released, that quantity is about to sky rocket!