Of Mice & Men

California based Metalcore band Of Mice & Men has just ended the Summer with an arena tour with Marilyn Manson and Slipknot and kick starts the Autumn with the release of their new album Cold World.

They have already seen success with their previous three studio albums and this most recent release looks set to be yet another notch in their career. The album’s lead single Pain was released several months ago and gave fans a taste of what to expect with the album. It is an instant hardcore slap to the face to get your attention before drums crash and guitars rumble through, with choruses particularly catchy and darker than the verses. Real was the second single and built on the anticipation created by the first single. Opening with a much calmer tone, this song tugs at the emotions while the softer melodies make it that much more honest in its approach; the accompanying video supports the lyrical content of the song incredibly well. Contagious, the last single released before the album, reverts back to the heavier side we experienced with the first single with crashing drums and rugged vocal tones.

If you didn’t catch any of the singles and the album is your first taste of the new material then you are in for a treat. The opening tune Game of War kicks things off fairly smooth with gentle pings of guitars and beautifully toned vocals but the calmness doesn’t last for long. Some songs take a darker approach to the music such as Like a Ghost and The Hunger. It is like a wave of mist covering the verses that when penetrated during the choruses a flash of light shimmers through. The two toned vocals; gruffer on the verses and a little lighter on choruses make a wonderful contrast.

Some songs tend to have a kick in their step such as The Lie. Much like the second single, Away lays mid-way between the darker aspects of the band and the gentler tones that they can create. There is an upbeat melody and catchy chorus with edgy vocals and mid-instrumental that builds anticipation. The combination of calmer verses and choruses that explode on Down the Road keeps your attention focused and your toes tapping. Transfigured is the closing track and combines everything you have just heard into a bundle of explosive melodies and guitar riffs with excellent accompanying vocals.

These guys know how to write lyrics and create the perfect accompanying melodies. They hit on the emotions of a listener while subconsciously getting those feet tapping and heads bopping along and leaving you wanting more. If this is the case for you, then you will be pleased to hear the band is celebrating the release of Cold World with a series of special album release shows in the USA before heading over to British shores for a UK headline tour this month.