Deaf Havana - All These Countless Nights

In the Summer of 2016 Deaf Havana teased their fans with the release of new single Sing. It was a song that took everything Deaf Havana is typically known for - soaring melodies, great lyrics and an emotive core - then added a monster riff to create one of the bands heaviest songs. Although fans were revved up for new material, they would have to wait several months before anything further. Well, you will be pleased to hear the time has come and the new album from the UK rock band has finally been announced. It's called All These Countless Nights and it's a corker!!!

The bands decade long career has seen them go through line-up changes and tough times much like any other band but recently it seems they have been pushed to the edge but they have come back stronger than ever and with a fighting record. Ashes, Ashes is the album opener and according to Veck-Gilodi it is "the first song on the record but it's also the last song - it's laying to rest the old me." It's jammed with melodic rhythms you just can't help but be attracted to, pulling in a listener and taking you deeper into the album.

What comes next is a collection of alternative rock anthems, ballads as well as some darker melodies to sink your teeth into topped off with engaging sing-along and quite heartfelt lyrics. There has been a lot of heart, soul, emotion and personal experiences intertwined into this release. Trigger examines a previous relationship that was rather volatile while Seattle, a love song to England, was written while on a disheartening winter tour of the US. The beautiful and honestly written acoustic ballad Happiness is one that really stresses the emotional side of the band with their lyrical capabilities shining through.

Although Pretty low and St Paul's are slow paced tunes, they remain melodic at all times. The choruses are the type you can imagine a crowd waving their arms to when performed live. England and the closing tune Pensacola are less on the heavy side but keep a steady pace nevertheless.

In comparison to the mellower tunes there are tracks such as L.O.V.E. It is a punch to the gut and with guilt playing a large emphasis within the lyrics, the stress over the vocal tones and pounding riffs, particularly on the chorus are outstanding; Fever with its soaring melodies just sends you to cloud nine and Like A Ghost has an excellent guitar solo.

Combine the best parts of Young Guns, You Me At Six and Lower Than Atlantis and you have Deaf Havana. They have come a long way and their new material proves just how far and how much more they have on offer. Expect this to be a name around for some time to come.