Energy - Apparition Sound

It has been over a decade since the formation of Massachusetts born Energy and within that time the band independently released their Punch The Clock E.P, were signed, released a full-length album Invasions Of The Mind in 2008 and later on their Walk Into The Fire E.P.

Back in 2012 things became a little full on for frontman Jason Tankerley (aka T?NK) when he became the bands sole songwriter and creator of all things Energy. Although it was a nerve wrecking time, much like being thrown down a well with no ladder out, he proceeded to climb up that wall one step at a time and began the process of penning songs for a new album.

Having finally reached the top of that metaphorical well and survived the process, the time has finally come to give fans a taste of what he has been working on. This new release Apparition Sound, combines well written lyrical content with some poppy hooks, punk rock vibes and melancholy melodies. After the musical introduction of Renascentia we head straight in with the strong and powerful guitars of New Worlds of Fear. This is followed by some lighter tones of Another Yesterday with their poppy hooks digging their nails in and getting your toes tapping along uncontrollably. A similar fashion surrounds Dead in Dreamland but here the vocal harmonies blend in a lot more around the chorus.

Things tend to swing towards the more punk rock melodies with The Infection, but there remains a catchy chorus and melody on this one that haunts you after it has finished. This melancholy feeling remains for Pet Sematary as the narrative style of lyrics tells a story and The Shadowlands. The closing track for this release is They which begins as the mellower tune with guitars gently flowing and vocals singing along with the emphasis falling on the vocal contributions. Then things kick up. This track concludes with much more of a rock vibe than any of the others. Truly electric!

This is a record that has been carefully planned and built upon over the last few years and the time has arrived for Energy to proceed to leave the past behind and create a new chapter in their musical career. Energy will be on tour supporting Creeper later this year in support of the new album.