Fizzy Blood - Summer of Luv

Having released their debut EP Feast back in 2015, it has taken some hard work, commitment and high powered performances for Leeds based band Fizzy Blood to get to this stage in their career. However 2017 appears to be the year they put their minds together and aimed for things to take a big step in the right direction; and looks to have paid off.

Having already played Download, Leeds and Reading Festivals, as well as release two fiery singles, as the year is drawing to a close the band has a new release on their hands with the EP Summer of Luv.

Both previously released singles can be found on this Ep. The first, Pawn, is strong, raw and toe tapping destruction to the ear drums if played too loud. At less than three minutes long this was only a snippet of what audiences were to expect from the coming EP. The second single, Summer of Luv, has soaring guitar riffs, a kick in its step that recalls the summer sun and a festival feeling while getting you stamping along.

The EP also features three other tracks; the bouncy and guitar driven ADHD, the more mysterious Haunted that kicks out with a thud and the slightly more edgy Healing Isn't Free. The latter of these really takes things in a different direction as they try something a little more out there.

With the strumming guitars, pulsating drumming and vocal contribution of Benji Inkley on this release, Fizzy Blood demonstrates how hard work, dedication and excellent tunes can grasp a band and take them from strength to strength. There is a bright future ahead for these guys.