When three talented musicians, each with previous experience in other bands, come together the results are unpredictable. Will talents clash? Will diplomacy settle disagreements? Will the music created be something that stands out unique or will each individual try and bring in something so different things do not blend?

In 2017 former Letlive vocalist Jason Aalon Butler, former The Chariot guitarist Stephen Harrison and Night Verses drummer Aric Improta came together to form Fever 333. The musical results from this Californian three piece rock band has recently been set upon their world in the form of debut album STRENGTH IN NUMB333RS.

The album opens quite dramatically with inserts of several news announcements before pounding into Burn It, which is loud, full of power, and infused with electricity. The verses are more intense while the choruses explode with passion and this is a feature that expands throughout the release. For a debut this is a high energy album full of honest lyrics, that are projected in a scream your message at the top of your lungs style. There is a different meaning behind each song and music is the perfect way to project anger and concern over global and personal topics to get to a wider audience.

You can't help but want to sing along with the chorus of most of the tracks on this album from "Burn it down to build it up again..." within the opener to the chorus of Prey for Me/3. These tracks vocally combine singing with a gruffer scream, while Animal has some excellent backing harmonies as "coming at you like an animal" is projected.

This is not just a typical rock album. It brings together elements of a mix of genres including examples of rap-metal, hip hop, post-hardcore and punk that really blend everything together well as a whole adding continuity throughout the release without becoming generic. One of Us and Out Of Control are a little tougher than other tunes and more musically dense heaving with differing elements throughout verses and bare all choruses. Inglewood/3 takes a more lyrically driven direction with a much mellower pace while Am I Here? stands out for its complete 180 turn around to something much more diverse and emotive.

The Innocent is the stand out track on this album. It has riffs you can can't help but move yourself along to, vocals are steady and right on track and a chorus you want to sing along with. Alongside the opener, this is the track that will stand out in your mind and one certainly to keep an ear out for.

Everyone likes to kick off the New Year with some new tunes and thankfully this debut release from Fever 333 is a positively stand out release.