Impress Dido's brother with your vocal talents and you could be fronting the next Kubb

Kubb come at you like a cross between Jeff Buckley, Muse and Queen with this jazzy verse/rocky chorus, huge powerful soundscape that is 'Somebody Else.' The story of front man Harry Collier's musical beginning is one of those classic, strange coincidences you only get in the magical music industry. Whilst working in an organic North London cafe, he was deputised from the staff to sing 'Happy Birthday' to Dido's brother/collaborator Rollo.

So impressed was this man that he invited Harry to his Highbury studio and the rest, as they say, is history. So, that's how Kubb got here and now that they're here, they're making extraordinarily grandiose songs that just itch to hit the charts on the head with their immensity. The woeful love-song 'Somebody Else' then, should set the eardrums of all those who have missed proper poetry since the death of Jeff Buckley alight. A strong single that we can all enjoy thanks to some good ol' show business circumstances…