Heavy rockers get angsty on the dancefloor

The very start of 'Kick in the Mouth' sounds just like Toni Basil's 'Mickey', so when the bassline from hell kicks in it's a bit of surprise. I want to love this song, I really do, but the rest of the track reminds me so much of 'Pure' era 3 Colours Red it's hard to ignore it. Don't get me wrong, the record is good but there are some things that really put me off.

Singer Jamie sounds like he's got a heavy cold, and the vocals are all wrong for the verse. It seems that they belong on an Oasis record, rather than a Reuben one. However, it all picks up on the bridge where 'Kick in the Mouth' gets catchier than a cold in a hospital. The vocals fit the tune, which rocks hard even if it's all lacking a bit in originality (going 'yeah yeah' after every line has been done many times before).

For all its faults, though, it's a good choice of single and one that will stick in your head for days.