The Offspring return

As soon as you hear the trademark banshee "wooh-hoo", you know The Offspring are back. 'Can't Repeat' is the tasty enticement fronting their new 'best of' album; it's a strong, but very uninventive track.

Metallic guitars descend into the typical mid-speed Offspring furore with smart lyrics, "yesterday laughs/ tomorrow cries" and punk undertones. The Offspring and the new-and-revived Green Day share a very similar American rally call, but it's one that's recently worked well for the latter, and The Offspring have always got the kids' attention.

For a band that's been around for 15 years, they're still full of youthful, anarchic energy. 'Can't Repeat' utilises all The Offspring's finest tricks: a forceful bassline, fabulous guitar crescendos after well-crafted licks, an almost ska rhythm and wailing vocals: it's a great track, just one that lacks the unexpected. Much as I hate to say it, 'Can't Repeat', although as infectious as a rampant cold, is also a repeat of pretty much all the successful songs The Offspring have produced. Repetition aside, 'Can't Repeat' is a sure summer hit that will launch the best of onto a new generation of rebellious teens.