Powerful punk

Fronted by 19 year old charisma queen Tatiana deMaria, TAT produce a snappy blend of pop punk. 'Peace, Sex & Tea' could very well be the anthem for a new generation of dissatisfied teens, "make love and sex and go make tea", "peace is just a utopian dream". The guitar riffs are infectious, the percussion heavy and it's a real get up and dance tune.

'Bloodstain' has a real ska guitar backing and brims with jaunty energy before exploding into the rocking out, double speed chorus. 'Live For Rock' is upbeat rock that could have been performed by a number of American punk outfits, but Londoner Tatiana gives the tunes her strong, but emphatically female vocal treatment.

This is a really promising package of rebellious, resonating, empowering tunes that are sure to go down well with those sick of Avril Lavigne trying to represent them and ready for something a little more sincere.