Who needs enemies when you've got sex?

‘Sex is not the Enemy’ is a sweaty panting orgasm of a song, oohing and ahhing all over the place with guitars and synthesizers going from caressing foreplay to squealing euphoria, throbbing bass and big Butch drums. It’s Garbage coming back with a big hard hitter, rewarding music listeners with some good old tuned in and turned on songwriting.

This is probably the most exciting sound Garbage have adopted since ‘Version 2.0’ with a trashy rawness that re-injects life and a love of life into their music. Well, if you’re not in the mood then you’re not in the mood, but remember sex is not the enemy. Embrace this one, it grows on you, grows and grows and then reaches a point of happy no return, scrumptious!

Yes, a good single release with lashings of raw style, pure sensibility, animal instinct and most of all; sex!