Racy, gruff and undeniably addictive

'Black History Month' breeds a sexy, gruff indestructible riff under its electro exterior and brooding vocals. Describing the maudlin disintegration of a community, "hold on children, your best friends are leaving", it's a powerful tune and compulsive listening. The ecstatic guitar builds up into an orgasmic frenzy in the second half; dynamics like this really make this tune alive and all the more deadly. The funky cowbell and racy bass line carry the tune along and give it credibility as something more than a simple rock tune; it's groovy and suits its dance remixes very well.

It's been a long time since I appreciated a remix, but the 'Sammy Danger remix' of 'Black History Month' is amazingly effective, giving the song a sharp and edgy feel, with the emotional peaks heightened by the synth effects and harsh vocal filters.

A cover of Bloc Party's 'Luno' creeps along happily through a maze of overdriven guitars edgier than a dodecahedron. Sebastian Grainger's vocals are very direct and cut through the hypnotic tune.

Death From Above 1979 are one of the most unique and candid bands out there with some pretty inspirational bass playing and a bemusing mix of dance rhythm and dark metal riffs.