Vanity hair

Coming from the Wichita label that gave us the best band in the known universe, the magisterial My Morning Jacket, that little known indie band Bloc Party and double chart topper Bright Eyes; The Cribs are never going to be short of inspiration and if you can ignore the dodgy name with its MTV connotations there's much to get excited about in this single from the Wakefield trio.

Bouncing around like a kid deprived of his Ritalin and guzzling a bucket of Sunny Delight, "Mirror Kissers" makes a fast and furious dash for the Top Of The Pops studio with its mind burrowing hooks and power pop chords. Sung with a glorious zeal and interspersed with some serious "Whoaing" and stop-start punchy breaks that propel it heavenwards, it succeeds in making you think that maybe something is stirring in deepest Yorkshire.

The other track is a cover of The Kaiser Chiefs' "Modern Way", less immediate than "Mirror Kissers" it takes its cue from the bass lines of Peter Hook circa Joy Division and so transports you back to a time when it seemed to be constantly pissing down with rain and young men wore frowns as long as their black overcoats.