You Won't be Able to Stop Yourself

Jackson Analogue's Stop whacks into action with a bit of feedback and a grabbing stabbing of the Hammond organ in a Madness meets At The Drive-In chaotic spree. The song rocks with energy splurting out its splitting seams, it's a tune to get you moving and grooving and squirming on the floor, Stop is non-stop.

The audacity of the band is clearly demonstrated on this release with second track 'Like Walking' showing the more mellow side of the band. Rob Holmes' voice contorts on this record into a cross between Mark Lanagan, Chris Cornell and Beck Hansen's deeper tones, smooth and rough, coarse yet shiny, brittle whilst being totally euphonic.

The demo version of 'Disco' just leaks classic status and gives the immediate impression of this being a band whose craftsmanship with song writing has been honed to an absolute tee, 'Disco' is a brilliant track without a doubt. If you want to give something new a try, this well worth your eye, recommended.