Falling out of the Rooster Nest.

Bring out the tissues, Rooster are releasing a new ballad into the charts! 'Deep and Meaningless' is a smart and well-written rock ballad, but sadly it sounds like it could have been sung by any boy band out there.

The intermittent guitar-warbling retains their 'rock' title and just about redeems Rooster from sliding into pop hell. It's a pretty generic pop/rock crooning, sorrowful tune: big chorus with heavy drums, guitar solo and lovelorn lyrics, "I guess you had another direction/ leaving me with nothing but a dead connection". It could be a big tune- the guitar solo makes it almost sound like something Aerosmith would use and singer Nick Atkinson's voice really does have the necessary power and warmth to make something of it- but it holds back too much and doesn't give enough passion to really engage the listener.

It's a real shame as Rooster have produced some credible songs such as 'Staring At The Sun' and the song has potential, but the band really don't perform in this recording; there's nothing special that will make anyone stand up and notice. This is a really a tune that will only please dedicated Rooster fans. I'm sure that this song will prove me wrong and soar up the charts, but I remain unconvinced.