Kicking Indie Pop

'Oh Honey' is a slice of indie pop with in vogue chirpiness and charisma. It's got a hint of Bloc Party's sharp melodies, but is far less lyrically vague. There's something about Alterkicks (beyond singer Martin Stillwell's accent) that's defiantly British; their guitar tone could be that of The Killer's but the song is far less brash and showy; it's just a catchy tune telling a tale that we can all relate to and that's why it works. A temptingly short guitar solo keeps the listener's interest and reinforces the band's mastery of music. 'Oh Honey' is a riproaring tune that's packed full of promise.

B-side 'Citalopram' is as depressing as its antidepressant namesake suggests, the gentle guitar chords sweep along lazily and the vocals include a lot of melancholic sighs before longing overdriven guitars are cut loose in to slice painfully through the maudlin atmosphere.

'Dragon' picks up the pace again with its edgy guitar chords and bitter vocal harmonies, although it's a stripped down acoustic affair, it sounds far from barren and is a fine end to this trio of impressive tunes.