Rock regicide

Even rock bands should be aware of historical contexts; bands whose namesake was a notorious French King, shouldn't pen songs with implications of regicide in the title. 'God Killed The Queen' is the song The Killers would record if they were forcibly crossbred with Hot Hot Heat. The band wants the song to be as climatic and controversial as 'God Save The Queen' by The Sex Pistols. The song is loud, obnoxious and rude in a manner that parents of teenagers will be familiar with. 'God Killed The Queen' doesn't care that you have to turn the stereo down in order to rescue your eardrums. Brian Karscig reveals his skills as a vocalist and guitarist on this record and Mark Maigaard pushes the song along with his infectious drumming. That said, this song grows old rapidly and one senses that, once again, lyrics have become far too challenging an option for a band that just want to play their guitars and rock on stage. 'God Killed The Queen' is not a bad record, it is simply a record that will give you de-ja vu on a massive scale. You've heard this music before and you'll hear it again soon.