Cryptic, chilling and electrifying

The power in 'Runaway' is truly breathtaking and leaves the listener gasping for air as intense rock beats rain down in a refreshing shower of brilliance. SAL is one of the best bands I've ever heard. Cat's voice leads one to believe that the musical gift was passed to her at the moment of her conception and she leads her band like a radical might lead a revolution. Indeed, 'Runaway' is a revolution in music, finally forcing the listener to breakaway from the synthetic pop nonsense and the "indie" revival.

The remainder of the band manage to display their unique talents while complimenting one of the most beautiful, spellbinding singers to emerge onto the music scene for decades. The lyrics are cryptic, chilling and electrifying. They make your feet tap and hit you in the stomach with their intensity. They bring you up on your feet and down to your knees. In short, SAL is the band of the year.