Let-down from jangly Scousers

Before singer James Skelly starts singing, 'Something Inside Of Me' sounds quite promising - whilst it sounds pretty much like the rest of their stuff, the skanky, off-key guitars and rasping drums are good. Then Skelly opens his mouth and things just aren't the same, there are definitely better Coral songs. The way he drags the words around tune just make it sound so boring, and with the lyrics being odd too ('Don't ever be another century', for example), it's hard to notice the melody.

The song itself is a simple affair, with a verse-chorus-verse-chorus-instrumental-chorus but it doesn't suit the style. What could be a cool jangly indie-pop ditty, feels like a drag by the last note. This, together with the vocals, means the best part of the 'Something Inside of Me' (the tune) can't shine through. So, what started off being a promising single turns out to be a let down which is such a shame. They need to try harder next time.