I thought KUBB was an old game originally played by Vikings, still played by many Swedes (and possibly a few turnips). But NO! I stand corrected. Turns out theyíre a four piece band, with a debut album out on 7th November.
Thereís been some approving noises in the press, but quite frankly I found it a languid affair. The verse/chorus/verse structure isnít taxing and Harry Collierís voice sounds more akin to Dido than on the previous (more impressive offering) ĎSomebody Elseí. Hanging round with Rollo Armstrong a bit much eh?
'Remain' is very commercial. It reminds me of Radio 2 friendly Keane with a bit of early U2 and Jeff Buckley thrown into the mix. It picks up towards the end, altogether too late to get my interest, unfortunately.
Itís bound to get lots of airplay. A complete contrast to the afore mentioned previous cut. Itíll be interesting to keep an eye on the lads to see what else theyíve got up their sleeves. Diversity Iím all for, as long as itís good.