The Cribs: Martell review

The trio known only as the brothers Jarman are responsible for this Frankenstein creation of poor indie rifts mixed with a song which only has enough lyrics to sustain it for five minutes before the drivel of: "Uh Ah O, O" has to cut in and push the tune to the required three minutes in length. The majority of this recording is a provocation directed towards the music business- an invitation to a scrap between a band which feels it has been ignored and an industry that has seen it all before. Rhythmically, the song is pleasing enough and the vocalists display their talent in the brevity of their release. That said, the single plods along in a predictable fashion only improved upon by an ITV1 detective drama.

The Cribs should rejoice in the knowledge that they will soon be huge. Success beckons. But why is anyone's guess.