Haunting but powerful

Hold your breath and prepare for a rip-roaring record from a band who are the pinnacle of emo. Feeding on the cinematically enormous dimensions of My Chemical Romance's music, the cover of 'The Ghost of You' looks very much like a movie poster with the helmeted soldiers preparing for battle under a turquoise sky. Very moody, very My Chemical Romance; this is a band who wear broken hearts and bloody battles on their sleeves.

'The Ghost of You' begins with a melodic, warm guitar refrain, before Gerard's New Jersey hardcore drawl bursts through with a vengeance. The chorus is full of frothing emo hollering with a melodic tinge, it's the climax of the softer, more ruminating verse; this makes it very generic, but hey, it works! It a powerful record that shows no weaknesses and packs a lot of venom into 3 minutes.

My Chemical Romance sell a sort of romanticised destruction, or destructive romance, depending on if you're a lover or a fighter, or if they're synonymous. It's a method that works well, but I canít help but feel that they've been peddling the same wares for long enough now, and they seem a charismatic enough band to be able to add some variety. 'Ghost of You' is a very strong tune with catchy hooks and an explosive chorus and it's sure to prove another success for this dynamic, young band.