Full of vigour and panache

'A Kick In The Mouth' has something that the new crop of rock revellers failed to incorporate into their play and performance - sentiment. As the speaker in the song bemoans the direction his life has taken, one instantly identifies with the situation and forms an emotional connection with both the song and the band. The bait has been swallowed and the listener is hooked as the keys turn in the ignition and Reuben thrust us on the roof rack and set off for an exciting, electrifying rock n roll ride at a lightning pace. Any rock pioneer who can carry off a song entitled: 'Some Mothers Do Ave Em' deserves our collective respect. Frank Spencer isn't causing trouble in this little ditty but the youth of today are both criticised and praised to the rafters as the anthem of the wasted youth of our generation takes shape. 'Best Enemies' verges on oxymoron status and is one of the best songs heard this year. It's a cheeky ode to those we hate or at the very least dislike but it is also sweet and tender, softly caressing the hands of those who stand against us. The speaker in the song muses that- if we all took a moment to respect one another, regardless of how we personally felt about them- the world would be a better place and peace could at last have a chance to reign.

'Every Time A Teenager Listens To Drum & Bass A Rockstar Dies' is definitely an anthem of the moment. Particularly in the UK, rock is losing touch with the youth audience and the youth audience are losing touch with rock. Thanks to Fearne Cotton and Top Of The Pops, the youth of today believe they can "rock out" with bands like Hanson and McFly. Such bands are not a patch on the skill, passion and determination of Reuben. 'Nobody Loves You' is a bittersweet romance fuelled by stunning vocals and proves that rock music doesn't have to be full of guitars blazing and metal music performers growling. Rock music can be soft. Rock music can be tender and rock music can rock you to sleep at night. It is as much the music of the lullaby as it is the music of the live event. 'Blamethrower' is- quite frankly- superb. It's a powerful tune with a hint of calling to He who is without sin to cast the first stone. This is the song that releases us all from guilt if we keep in mind responsibility, remorse and the consequences of our actions. For once, the swear words are justified because the sentiment allows for them, and the story within the songs would be lost without them, ending up as threads scattered to the wind.

This is a rock n roll album with more than sprinkle of panache. The spectacle is justified and enjoyed. Welcome to the world of rock music. Sit down and enjoy the show.