Balls-out Rock, Apparently.

Reuben have fired up their musical artillery for their second assault on the world's music scene, ready to strike with their grungy sound. Speaking of grunge, though, the chorus of their new single, "Keep It To Yourself", probably couldn't sound any more like Nirvana - forgiving the Surrey accent, mind - unless they suddenly started shooting each other in the face, and well, that wouldn't do much for the sound, but certainly a damn fine job for the metaphor.

"Keep It To Yourself", taken from the forthcoming LP "Very Fast Very Dangerous", is a heavy yet oh-so-catchy song about the importance of keeping schtum once in a while. Jamie Lenman's voice is a welcome diversion from what usually plays on the radio now-a-days - his accent is, well, for lack of a better phrase, bloody great. The short single quickly rifles through simple verses and Nirvana-esque choruses, before stopping off with a tiny guitar solo, complete with poppy clapping parts. This song is a good representation of the kind of short snappy songs that has given Reuben their break, as well as a fine showcase of the energy that the members possess on stage. Wonderful.