Still Making Madchester

Ian Brown, has a long and very distinguished history in the Manchester music scene, some say he is Manchester music scene itself. As the former lead singer of the classic Manchester band, The Stone Roses, he was the front man for a crazy Manc guitar band that had bag loads of talent. The good thing with talent is it never goes away, maybe just hides occasionally, that is why Ian Brown is still around today, influencing many bands, with a particualar style of music that reminds people of the Madchester days, they never died, just got redeveloped by geniuses such as Ian Brown.

Ian Brown is back with his thirteenth single and this one "All Ablaze" is probably the best thing he has done in years. Released just ahead of his best of collection, this is one record that is better than his best. Full of classic acid bass lines that he is known for, mixed with great guitars and funky drums, this song is going to be a radio and club classic.

Like Marx before him, Ian Brown tackles the thorny issue of religion and their hierarchies. Where as Marx said that '....religion was the opiate of the masses', Ian Brown deals with the fact the organised religions have attempted to steal God and then sell him back to his people. Thought provoking stuff from Ian Brown, but saying that, it is a single that makes you want to dance like you are stuck in the late 80s early 90s.