Aims for Greater Plains

For some reason I expected Doves to sound like British Sea Power, rather than going into my entirely bizarre reasons for the above, in short I was vastly deluded and I shall save you the embarrassment of making the same mistake.

They're catchier and poppier than the aforementioned, but just as "cool". The jaunty guitar and crashing drums create mental imagery of huge plains over which this could resonate, a song not repetitive within this genre is hard to find-think Bloc Party's' ingenuity,singalong songs and dancablity along on songs like Two More Years mixed with the more sombre Maximo Park songs and you gather the familiar-but-not air that hangs about this song.

Young, fresh and fun, this arrives just in time for the wind down of freshers week...students count your beer change and go buy this single, use the instrumental track as your hangover cure, and press repeat until you're ready to leave your room again.