Red Organ Serpent Sound - In Search Of Orgasmuz

SS serpent sound. What is serpent sound? So go the lyrics of the new single 'In Search Of Orgasmuz' by Red Organ Serpent Sound. And what is it you may rightly ask.

Well the lads from Derry have been playing all over the place supporting the likes of Razorlight and JJ72 and getting themselves a bit of a following with their quirky stocking masked, boxing glove wearing shenanigans. If this sounds like high camp theatricals to you, have a listen to their music.

Back to the sound itself. It's a fresh high energy punk/rock/new wave fusion with spiky 60s keyboards throughout. It really kicks arse. Chris McConaghy's guitar chucks out awesomeness as Jonny Nutt's bass rattles at storming pace trying to keep up. It's edgy, volatile and explosive. This is just one song. A great debut, I can't wait for the album.

So, who or what is Orgasmuz? Is he the octopus mentioned in the song or am I missing something.