Yer Baby

Mohair, with an almost Dylanesque style, bring back the sound of the 60?s with "Brown Eyes Blue", and although not to everyone's taste, it'll be one of those songs you will always know the words to when it comes on the radio.

Close your eyes, and if you're old enough to remember the original 'Italian Job' film, you won't be able to help yourself expecting Mr. Michael Caine to walk into your room.

"Brown Eyes Blue" begins with Billington's gentle strumming, and evener gentler vocals, but then it all kicks in and begins to take of in its own gentle way. It all builds up throughout, to come together in a perfect blend of harmony. This song is really like drinking whisky-first you're not sure, then the melody begins to burn, before leaving you with a feeling of warm bliss.

This band is about happy harmony and it shines through in the way they handle their keyboards especially, something that not everyone can do. "Something to Remember" is a real nostalgia trip, and could easily be slotted into any Austin Powers movie. Again, it all picks up in the chorus and will leave you smiling.

It's the very laid back, yet tightly held together sound that makes this work so well. So get this single, lie back on the big cushion, turn on the lava lamp and wallow in this oasis of sounds.