The Better Ferdinand

Ok, so everyone's favourite Scottish band of the moment are back with a new album, the follow up to their award winning debut album. Franz Ferdinand are back with 'You Could Have It So Much Better' an album of thirteen tracks, all of which are stand out tracks. Last time out the band sold three million albums and picked up shed loads of awards, including Brits and The Mercury Prize for 2004.

Some second albums take that terrifying leap into the experimental unknown, this is not one of those albums! This album builds on what has gone before and therefore a very natural follow up to the first album 'Franz Ferdinand'. This album certainly will not shock any fans, just help to cement the relationship that they have been building with them. It is as if the band, are trying to confirm to themselves and the public that the last album and their star status wasn't a fluke.

Throughout the album the band are busy expanding their emotional needs and are not afraid to drop in reference to different types of people or even companies. 'Walk Away' is very much a fragile piece of indie rock, but whatever you do don't think that it is a love song, with references to Mao Tse-tung, Hitler and Radio 4, it will soon shatter that illusion! While 'Do You Want To' you can clearly see the influences of bands such as The Sparks and Kylie! While 'Eleanor Put Your Boots On' gives a passing nod to Dylan and The Beatles.

This album is not experimental like Domino had been warning us, but very much in the style of their debut album. So this should once again fill the record companies coffers quite easily. Some might say that the album is too long with thirteen tracks, but I think that personally it is about right. Franz Ferdinand prove with this album that nobody does dance-rock music as good as them, let alone better.

This is a fantastic album building on the tried and tested, while at the same time trying to reach a new audience. This is set to be another massive hit for Franz Ferdinand, who are growing into one of the best bands around. Others may copy their musical style, but quite frankly they are second to none. This is their moment and I am very sure they will seize it with both hands, and who can blame them. This is one foot stomping, hip slapping, dance fuelled guitar laden album worth having in your collection.