Proper Fucking Metal

Sorry to use such a strong title, but there is no other fair description for Demigod. Quite frankly, Behemoth are taking black metal back from the likes of Cradle of Filth and turning it back into proper noise.

So, what makes Behemoth stand out from the other hundreds of black metal bands? Simple - the music. I know that sounds obvious, but the level of complexity here vastly outshines most of the black metal bands who record themselves dropping their instruments and call it an album. Behemoth have obviously spotted that black metal is chasing it's tail and have tried to push away as a band, and whilst there are some strong links to Mayhem and so on, there is something here that just hasn't been seen before - Behemoth are the first to realise that you don't need overly powerful guitars and drumming to make a successful band. Not to say they aren't powerful, because they are. They're just not stupidly fast or loud. Vocally, Mr. Nergal, as he likes to be called, is excellent, they're gravely and demonic, but they're clear. You can make out most of the words, unlike certain other bands, who could be singing about picnics and clouds for all I know...

Songs that do need to be played over and over would be the first one, the oddly named "Sculpting the Throne ov Seth" which is, by all accounts, an excellent song, nice and angry and punchy, and also Mysterium Coniunctionis and XUL, tracks 7 and 8, which quite simply take no prisoners in blowing your head off.

So, Behemoth have a bright future ahead of them. The backing of a sound label, some unique talent and being fuelled by the power of demons! Behemoth are a killing machine - don't even try and stop them.