A Perfect Anthithesis of Electronica and Indie

Diefenbach would seem to be surfing along on that careening wave of Scandinavian indie that's flooding British shores at the moment, so will this virtually unknown name make an impact in our charts? From the sound of this record, I would love to think so.

'Mechanical' is an opener that could certainly draw a crowd of eager music lovers. Its atmospheric sound, chanting chorus of vocals and subtle echoes makes it a record that washes over you, slowly drowning your every sense in its dreamy melody. 'Glorious's ebullient vocals flow over the chiming electro keyboards and symphonic guitars beautifully. 'The Police' drifts elegantly with a folk-like mix of alluring major and minor tones that creates a sense of dreamy abstraction to the whole piece, that and the lyrics, "Suck on your lemon/ There ain't no need to pass it on/ You've got your lemon, I've got my own one".

'Favourite Friend' sparks an electronic euphoria in the listener with its frantic synth beat and crazy synth solo sections, which really wouldn't sound out of place out the club floor. 'Bruising My Eyes' becomes all the more trippy with a gentle, lilting verse affirming, "Oh my, I'm a tomato" before launching into a collision of post-rock guitar noise - crazy but wonderful. 'Rocket' is a little spaced out with swirling synths before smashing overdriven guitars break through the fragile notes, making way for big echoing vocals.

'On The Move' and 'The Right One' have an earthy sound that combines a multitude of fascinating effects luring your deeper into the very personal music. 'Skyline's trembling, overbearing synth rhythm drills a sense of the power of music into the listener as it rages through your ears with insistent vocals and an amazing mass of sheer overlapping noise.

'Set & Drift' sounds rather like a multi-layered Bright Eyes album with more of an egalitarian focus on the band as a whole. The whole album has a very organic feel with a fusion of fascinating synth sounds, fresh guitar sounds and swirling vocals. 'Set & Drift' forms an antithesis between the techno side of electronica and walk in the park indie- that is the kind that makes you feel like going for a stroll on an Autumn afternoon. Tender, euphoric and overall a very intimate album that draws the listener into something special, Diefenbach are a very welcome break from run of the mill music.