Driving Punk Vibes

'Machine Parts' starts like a bubbling punk tune full of action and reaction, it blends intoxicating melody with raw youth. Currently on tour with Reuben, and having previously played with Biffy Clyro; Fighting With Wire have a similar edgy, driven sound matched with bright vocals. It's all very powerful and catchy; perhaps a little samey, still a big hit I'm sure.

B-Side 'Contemplating Someone Else' has more laidback, cocky vocals embalmed with a disinterested punk apathy in the verse before it splinters into a more in your face chorus and a screeching gritty guitar solo.

I imagine that Fighting With Wire would be a really great band to see live as the forceful attitude of their music even translates well to record; sometimes a tricky feat to achieve. The songs themselves are exciting, and bursting with energy that's sure to provoke a lethal moshpit.