Does everybody love a loser? Strange people.

For all that the public image of Morcheeba focused on the image and silk-like vocals of Skye Edwards, it is to the bands credit that their music and songs haven't been diluted by her exit. The two existing members may well point to the fact that it was their band in the first place, but hey, it's the public who decides these matters, and for many, Morcheeba was all about the vocalist.

'Everybody Loves A Loser' follows in the same bittersweet vein with biting lyrics being couched in a sweeping backdrop with the melodies more at home on a lazy, sunset beach. Which is probably bad timing as the frost is now starting to cover the UK but as a song, it's quite a nice way to pass a few minutes.

To give new vocalist Daisy Martey her dues, her vocals are strong and have an underlying gruff quality that offers a contrast to the lazily paced backing and should hopefully prevent her from criticism that so often befalls replacement members of popular acts.

That said, if Morcheeba never did anything for you previously, this isn't going to change your mind but fans of the band should be satisfied that the tinkering has been kept to a minimum.

It's still the exact same band, style and direction only the vocalist has changed.