Royksop - What Else Is There?

Norwegian electro popsters Royksop are releasing their third single from second album 'The Understanding', 'What Else Is There' on 5th December.

It is a typical Royksop single, funky, catchy, accessible and perfectly designed for both the nightclub and the stereo at home, unfortunately though it doesn't quite have the same amount of balls as some of their earlier tracks may have done, but it does still manage to sound pretty good as a radio friendly single, and it is getting a good amount of airplay right now.

The vocals have a bjorklike quality to them. The melody is extremely retro with a definite eighties vibe about it, a mixture of the Indy class of Depeche Mode with a funk soul edge to it, and of course there are the countless remixes knocking about that will allow this tune to appeal to pretty much every aspect of the dance music crowd.

The problem with some of the remixes is that on the original version, which can be found on the album, the retro melodies and distinctive vocal style compliment each other well. The tune itself isn't that great when taken out of this mix, when put over a fairly uninspiring house track it doesn't exactly grab.

'What Else Is There' may not go down in history as one of the all time great dance anthems, but it's perfectly harmless and in the right environment is a tune well worth putting on.