What shall we do with Maria?

If this is the sound of Iceland, all the long nights and expensive drinks must be taking their toll. Trabant explode with their new single 'Maria' and offer up a sleazy glam rock-esque track that is sure to put the bang in your Crimbo Office party.

A funky dirty intro beat pitched somewhere between Talking Heads and LCD Soundsystem soon merges with some wafer thin guitar notes and scratchy vocals. As the vocals repeat "do you want a love song?" its clear that this is not that song but it is quite a catchy electro stomp, complete with a middle section more like a gospel choir.

As a song, it zips in and out of your mind quickly but not without leaving a calling card and it will be repeating in your head long after you forget who actually played the song.

As a fun upbeat introduction to the band, 'Maria' serves its purpose extremely well.

The band is a slower, sleazier torch song effort but again, the pomp and enjoyment floods out effortlessly.