Jack Johnson - Live DVD

The singer songwriter seems to be on the way up thanks to the likes of James Blunt and that annoying guy in the beanie hat, no not Badly Drawn Boy the other one... Powter something? But sadly the real talent is still only just coming into the mainstream, people like Jason Mraz and Jack Johnson still seem to be relatively small fry over here when they can sell out stadiums in Japan and the US.

For those that don't know, Jack Johnson writes uplifting soulful and heartfelt songs and delivers them with a voice that raises the hairs on the back of your neck. He fronts a band of equally talented musicians that, simple put, make beautiful music.

This new DVD set from Jack Johnson is a mix of personal commentary, backstage footage and interviews all woven together with blissful live footage. I'm not usually a fan of music DVDs, but this one is actually very well thought out and cleverly edited. It's not just a long live set as so many DVDs are, although all the live footage is there. You can really get a sense of the men behind the music and their humility comes across. They started playing dingy bars around the US and now they're playing to packed out arenas across the globe, but Jack still seems grounded and even admits to making mistakes, but no one cares as the music these guys make is simply sublime.

The DVD actually comprises of two films spread over two discs, charting his rise from obscurity to where he is now. It was shot over two years and covers all of Jack's songs from both his chart hit album In Between Dreams and cult classic On And On, there's even some songs from Brushfire Fairytales. You get the sense that there's no stone left unturned in these films, everything you could want to know is covered and all the songs you love, or will grow to love, are there. The performances are good too, these guys can really play live and the sound has been mixed perfectly. The band gel really well together live with members swapping between classic Hammond organs, acoustic guitars and many other instruments. Songs range from simple solo ventures to full on funky grooves and there's even a Sublime cover in there.

If you're a fan of Jack Johnson then this DVD should be number one on your Christmas list. If you've only heard a few of his songs then get this DVD as it will introduce a wealth of songwriting genius and raw talent into your life. If you've never ever heard of Jack Johnson but you like music, then buy this DVD, the feeling of contentment you get from watching and listening far outweighs the pounds spent. You're not just getting Jack either, there are performances from other members of the Brushfire Records fold including The Cars and Gregory Isaacs. Oh and did I mention that you should buy this DVD?