The dreary British climate may get you feeling under the weather but brighten up with KT Tunstell's new single

She took the world by storm with her last single 'Suddenly I See' and now sees the release of the more subdued and emotionally-fired 'Under The Weather.' It's a great song, poignant and yet at the same time lilting and enrapturing in it's swinging step. It moves with the classic bass progressions of Blondie and the swirly vocals and washy guitar of Sixpence None The Richer. It's simple and sombre and reassuring.

The rise of the female singer-songwriter in the past year or two has been a much-needed addition to the world of pop music, with the likes of Katie Melua and KT Tunstell bringing a sensitivity to the fore, which is lacking in the abrasive lyrics of R'n'B of late, and showing the staid male acts like David Gray and James Blunt a thing or two about writing a good pop song, another dimension of the modern music trend has been established and with it comes a restoration of quality song-making... And that's what KT Tunstell's all about, writing a top notch tune and performing it live with a devotion and energy only a true musician can convey.

So there it is; new single 'Under The Weather' is a sweet and genuine piece of music that perfectly compliments the flow of KT Tunstell's musical endeavour and comes as a greatly timed relaxing follow-up to the energetic 'Suddenly I See.' Her multi-platinum debut album 'Eye To The Telescope' is out now and comes with enough critical acclaim and journalistic recommendation to justify it's purchase, so what are you waiting for?