Is This Love? Oooh yes!

There's something instantly exciting about the fresh, spangly guitar sound interspersed with the slightly cosmic twinkle of 'Is This Love' even before you've heard Alan Ounsworth's fantastic vocals, which (though higher in pitch) have with the same wonderfully off-key nasal quality of Bob Dylan, combined with the kind of abandoned warble of Kings of Leon. Prevented from being too instantly catchy by its fairly indistinguishable lyrics, 'Is This Love' is the kind of song that simply gets better with every listen, with the only complaint being that it's over too quickly as it rushes through multi-layered chorus and descends into powerful wailing, before coming to a close. Purely and simply, magic.

But as brilliant as it might be, perhaps one three-minute song isn't ground enough to start making too many grand predictions for this band, but if the rest of their repertoire is anywhere near as good as 'Is This Love', then things certainly look very promising; having already caused a stir in the UK, this Brooklyn five-piece are well worth keeping an eye on.