Brash, Lazy Rock Music

No doubt from the first jangly chords that The Cribs are an offshoot from the Doherty school of brash, jaunty rock n'roll that has the same merry-making effect as imbibing a few pints down your local. The vocals of 'You're Gonna Lose Us' are raw and untidy but embody enough vigour to make the style likeable, the guitars are busy working their way over hundreds of twinkling notes at once to pad out the busy atmosphere that overflows with joyful notes. "When I'm drunk I can be an arsehole, but that don't mean I've got no passion", spell out the direct but simplistic lyrics; this is the kind of song that you shouldn't really analyse, you either love its chirpy beats, or hate the in your face style that lacks any ostensible meaning.

'The Wrong Way To Be' is a little more distinctive and catchy with powerful guitar riffs that rattle right through your skull and a rich vocal chorus that sounds far less gratingly punk and more cohesive than those of 'You're Gonna Lose Us'. The melodic guitar tune, interrupted by cheeky rap and chanting vocals is definitely sturdy radio material and I can see it being greeted with rapturous applause on dance floors around the country straight away.

The beauty of this double a-side is that both tunes have a slightly different feel and you're bound to side with one more than the other, meaning that whether you pitch for the raucous strains of 'You're Gonna Lose Us', or the more produced, forceful tone of 'The Wrong Way To Be', you'll end up liking The Cribs.