Check, Check, Check Genre Please

Many people find hardcore, or "heavy" music hard to listen to, not The Bled, they somehow manage not to be too abrasive to the ear or too heavy hearted. The vocals are not weak at any decibel level, their fraying guitar parts remaining consistent and interesting; they don't do the whole "repeat, repeat, scream" thing, and this is what sets them apart in a quickly crumbling genre. There are definite elements of Dillinger Escape Plan and hints of Refused.

The single produced by Mark Trombino who produced the Clarity and Bleed American CD's by Jimmy Eat World, has his signature elements stamped all over this track; the pretty and fragile atmospheric guitars that support the vocals, the adamant bass lines and the polarised drumming. These all aid The Bled's progression and subversion from melding into a run of the mill hardcore band, this is a definite incentive to any fan of the genre to go out and check out the rest of this band's album and live show.