Travis can't quite forget summer.

Taken from Travis’ forthcoming “Singles” collection, “Walking In The Sun” is a friendly, bouncy record- very different to some of their earlier work on “The Man Who”.

“Walking In The Sun” is an easygoing, lighthearted tune with gentle jangley guitars and sweet lyrics, the chorus becoming even bubblier with a cheery melody and chirpy vocals affirming, “you can do much better than that”. This single will either put you in a wonderful, summery mood, or make you wonder what happened to the angst filled, ever-depressed band who recorded “The Man Who”. If you go for the latter, you’ll find that the best part of the track is the ending, not in a sarcastic way, but it is here we see the first introduction of strong guitar chords and Fran Healy using his voice in a more powerful way, reminding us he’s more than just a hippy crooner.

Quite how such a mellow and warm record will fit together with the rest of their repertoire in the singles collection, especially placed after the edgy and sharp “Re-Offender” in the track listing, is hard to know. Thankfully three other new songs will also be spread across the two versions of this single; hopefully they’ll remind us why this is a band with two number one albums and make up for this romantic, yet somewhat mediocre release.