Brazilian thrash titans Sepultura provide meaty offerings in their latest release

Whilst it trails behind North America and of course the European scene in terms of output; there has always been a small part of my heart that has felt warmly towards the South American scene and its brand of no-nonsense Latino metal espoused by bands such as Soulfly, and of course, Sepultura. 'Live In Sao Paulo' sees the band exploring their live back catalogue and producing 2 discs worth of metal goodness for all to enjoy.

The show itself cannot be faulted at all. Spread over 2 CDs, with another 20 tracks included it is sure to please anyone looking for their favourites and when it includes such quality tracks as 'Choke', their cover of U2's 'Bullet The Blue Sky' and of course the anthemic 'Roots Bloody Roots', the choice of tracks on offer cannot be faulted. Sepultura's anthemic mix of thrash and heavy metal, I have always found, drags on live recordings where it lacks the vital energy which this live performance manages to capture, showcasing the band at the height off their abilities.

If there is one complaint to be made it is in the sound quality, which often dips below what one would desire. Whilst obviously recording a live one-off performance is quite different in terms of quality to studio work, it is still an important aspect to try and get right and whether it be through the balance on the day or the quality of recording, this CD lacks it. Another complaint, be it because we as an audience are spoilt or be it a valid one, is the lack of any accompanying DVD as part of the package itself, instead being a separate product of itself. The lack of any sort of live video at all included in this set does stand out and is a crying shame, particularly as the inclusion of such things is almost an expectation nowadays.

Overall this is a good quality live release by the band. It isn't going to win them any new fans, but it's not going to disillusion the old. With a respectable line up including all of the most popular and incendiary tracks they possess, 'Live in Sao Paulo' is a worthy purchase for any fan of the band.