Sleazy but Persuasive

The latest glam rock pretenders, Louis XIV revamp 'Jean Genie's addictive riff into a more sleazy, stripped down affair on 'Pledge of Allegiance'. The slick vocals and lyrics like, "Kit kat, kit kat/ Milkshake milkshake" are designed to awaken teenage hormones, with some blatant moaning just in case you hadn't gathered the gist of the tune from, "She pledges her allegiance to the United States of Me". Sex does sell, but Louis XIV clearly haven't yet realised that a seductive hint can go a lot further than constant reference.

The rhythm is very repetitive, but this works to the band's favour as after a while it really sticks in your mind and you begin to forget the rampant debauchery and shake your hips just a little. The playing is tight and the bursts of guitar solo are full of attitude that keeps the tune alive.

B-side 'The Hunt' is three minutes of wicked acoustic country guitar instrumental. It's a great piece of guitar playing with rocking slides and plenty of vigour behind the twanging chords as it peaks to conclude a very convincing pair of tunes.