Kooky European Insouciance

'Pink Christmas' doesn't have sleigh bells or choirs of small children, but it does have enough of a twinkly, offbeat sound to be alternative festive folly. An airy vibe carries the piece along as though it's light enough to float on a breeze. The band, comprising of four Swedes and a Parisian, definitely have an insouciant European kookiness about them with rippling guitars and bubbling synth that instantly brings a smile to your face. The lyrics, "I'm Pisces, but I wish I was Scorpio" seem to exist only to enhance the far-out, slightly twee feel.

Any tune with 'Christmas' in the title needs a thorough grilling for sickly lyrics, penny-pinching gimmicks, or blatant desire to fill thousands of stockings. Thankfully Envelopes are far too charming to be able to do any of theis if they tried. 'Pink Christmas' is an eclectic tune that can't fail to rate as adorable to any soft-hearted listener.