Kubb - Grow

Singles such as this can go one of two ways.

Either they can wash over you, appearing bland, uninspiring and instantly forgettable, or they can hit the emotional spot, be a great song to relax to and become a cornerstone of a band's live shows, the ever present lighter in the air moment at festivals spring to mind.

With this new single, Kubb veer towards the latter category. 'Grow' has been described by some sections of the media as an epic and, although I personally like to give a song that tag after it has had a chance to perform it's magic over a number of months, it has all the qualities that justifies such a label.

It is a melodic, piano based Indy track, in the mold of Keane, Coldplay and Embrace. As with those acts, Kubb have a great skill for creating pleasant and catchy pop, however I'm certain many will consider it wallpaper music.

'Grow' looks set to build on the popularity of recent single 'Wicked Soul', as Kubb move up a league in British music, developing into a household name.

The BBC have tipped Kubb as a band to watch out for in their Sound of 2006 pole. Given the strength and wide reaching appeal of 'Grow', this looks like a very safe prediction. It is already very popular on both Radio 1 and 2, as well as X FM and Virgin Radio, don't be surprised if every version of local FM are playing it to death in a month or two.

The single is released on February 6th, and you can find it on the
Album which is already out.